US Patent No. 10,172,171


Patent No. 10,172,171
Issue Date January 01, 2019
Title System For Connecting A Mobile Device To A Wireless Network Of An Aircraft
Inventorship Ndrianina Randrianasolo, Tournefeuille (FR)
Jean-michel Vadot, Colomiers (FR)
Mathias Michalski, Toulouse (FR)
Assignee AIRBUS OPERATIONS (S.A.S.), Toulouse (FR)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,172,171

1. A system for connecting a mobile device to a wireless network of an aircraft, the network comprising a wireless access point, the system comprising:a management module installed in a secured area of the aircraft and linked to the wireless access point, the management module being configured to generate connection parameters and to configure the wireless access point according to the connection parameters, the management module further comprising a parameterizing unit configured to receive a predefined trigger event and to produce the connection parameters on reception of the trigger event, wherein the trigger event is a change of flight phase, such that the parameterizing unit is configured to produce new connection parameters for the wireless access point in response to the change of flight phase, and wherein the parameterizing unit is programmed to detect the trigger event by detecting a signal from an avionics interface that the airplane is entering a pre-flight phase, such that new connection parameters are generated on each flight, and
a wireless transmission module installed in the secured area and linked to the management module, the wireless transmission module being configured to deliver the connection parameters to the mobile device according to a range restricted to the secured area, the connection parameters being generated by the management module to allow the mobile device to be connected securely to the wireless network of the aircraft via the wireless access point;
wherein the wireless transmission module comprises a wireless transmission module near field communication (NFC) interface in the secured area, wherein the wireless transmission module is configured to deliver the connection parameters for the wireless access point to a mobile device NFC interface of the mobile device in the secured area using the wireless transmission module NFC interface.