US Patent No. 10,172,137


Patent No. 10,172,137
Issue Date January 01, 2019
Title Apparatus And Methods For Efficient Wireless Channel Usage
Inventorship Ahmad Reza Hedayat, Aliso Viejo, CA (US)
Young Hoon Kwon, Laguna Niguel, CA (US)
Assignee NEWRACOM, INC., Lake Forest, CA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,172,137

1. A method for performing a multi-user uplink transmission, the method comprising:assessing, by an access point, a wireless channel using clear channel assessment parameters;
determining spatial reuse information based on the assessment of the wireless channel;
generating a trigger frame; and
transmitting the trigger frame,
wherein the trigger frame includes resource allocation information for a first wireless station and a second wireless station to participate in the multi-user uplink transmission to the access point, and
wherein the trigger frame further includes the spatial reuse information in a payload of the trigger frame, the spatial reuse information to be used by the first wireless station and the second wireless station for respectively setting a spatial reuse field in the multi-user uplink transmission.