US Patent No. 10,172,135


Patent No. 10,172,135
Issue Date January 01, 2019
Title Mmw Physical Layer Downlink Channel Scheduling And Control Signaling
Inventorship Tao Deng, Roslyn, NY (US)
Yugeswar Deenoo, King of Prussia, PA (US)
Philip J. Pietraski, Jericho, NY (US)
Ravikumar V. Pragada, Collegeville, PA (US)
Assignee IDAC Holdings, Inc., Wilmington, DE (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,172,135

1. A control signaling and scheduling method performed by a wireless transmit/receive unit (WTRU), the method comprising:receiving a first control channel using a first antenna pattern;
receiving a second control channel using a second antenna pattern;
demodulating and decoding the first control channel;
demodulating and decoding the second control channel;
determining, using at least one of the decoded first control channel or the decoded second control channel, beam scheduling information associated with the WTRU and whether the WTRU is scheduled for a millimeter wave (mmW) segment;
on a condition that the WTRU is scheduled for the mmW segment
forming a receive beam using the determined beam scheduling information,
receiving the second control channel using the receive beam, and
determining, using the demodulated and decoded second control channel, dynamic per-transmission time interval (TTI) scheduling information related to a data channel associated with the second control channel.