US Patent No. 10,171,966


Patent No. 10,171,966
Issue Date January 01, 2019
Title Crowd-sourced Passive Positioning And Calibration
Inventorship Sean Huberman, Guelph (CA)
Paramvir Singh Nagpal, Brampton (CA)
Saeedeh Hamidifar, Mississauga (CA)
Assignee MAPSTED CORP., Mississauga, Ontario (CA)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,171,966

1. A method for deploying a positioning map of an area, the method executed in a processor of a server computing device and comprising:generating, using the processor, a distribution of positioning data points based at least in part on a first set of fingerprint data, the positioning data points calibrated in accordance with respective positions within the area;
receiving, at the memory, a second set of fingerprint data;
processing, using the processor, the second set of fingerprint data and the positioning data points to generate an updated distribution of positioning data points; and
when the updated distribution exceeds a threshold density of positioning data points, deploying the updated distribution as the positioning map of the area.