US Patent No. 10,169,638


Patent No. 10,169,638
Issue Date January 01, 2019
Title Transformed Representation For Fingerprint Data With High Recognition Accuracy
Inventorship Bian Yang, Gjovik (NO)
Guoqiang Li, Gjovik (NO)
Assignee CROSS MATCH TECHNOLOGIES, INC., Palm Beach Gardens, FL (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,169,638

1. A system for processing fingerprint template data, and for generating transformed fingerprint template data from original fingerprint minutia template data, comprising:a first module configured to define for a minutia m included with in original fingerprint minutiae template data, a corresponding defined mega-vicinity as a vicinity area surrounding the minutia m as the center of the vicinity area;
a second module configured to align geometrically other minutiae located inside of the defined mega-vicinity with respect to the minutia m, and wherein the minutia m defines an origin of a coordinate system; wherein a direction of the minutia m of original fingerprint minutiae data defines an x-axis and a direction of a zero angle, of a Cartesian coordinate system and of a polar coordinate system, respectively;
a third module configured to check for each other minutia in the original fingerprint minutiae template data, to determine if its location is within the vicinity area; and
a fourth module configured to form mega-vicinity data for the minutia m as comprising first layer data comprising all minutiae located inside the vicinity area and second layer data comprising the respective N closest neighboring minutia around each of the minutiae in the first layer data, wherein N is a predetermined number, and wherein said N closest neighboring minutiae around each of the minutiae in the first layer data are not required to necessarily be located within said vicinity area.