US Patent No. 10,169,566


Patent No. 10,169,566
Issue Date January 01, 2019
Title Authentication Using Emoji-based Passwords
Inventorship Michael Mossoba, Arlington, VA (US)
Joshua Edwards, Philadelphia, PA (US)
Assignee Capital One Services, LLC, McLean, VA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,169,566

1. A method, comprising:receiving, by a device, an input from a user,
the user being associated with a user account,
the input relating to a request for access to the user account, and including a selection of a plurality of emojis;
identifying, by the device, a plurality of text strings associated with the plurality of emojis after receiving the input,
each text string, of the plurality of text strings, corresponding to a respective emoji of the plurality of emojis;
performing, by the device, an action to generate a combined text string based on the plurality of text strings;
processing, by the device, the combined text string to derive an output value after performing the action;
determining, by the device, whether the output value corresponds to a particular value after processing the combined text string; and
authenticating, by the device, the user to permit the user to access the user account based on determining that the output value corresponds to the particular value.