US Patent No. 10,143,066


Patent No. 10,143,066
Issue Date November 27, 2018
Title Sensor With Wireless Device For Controlling A Light Source
Inventorship Yan Zhou, Sacramento, CA (US)
Michael Darren Musgrove, Dixon, CA (US)
Andrew Judy, Sacramento, CA (US)
Blane Goettle, Sacramento, CA (US)
Assignee MW McWong International, Inc., Sacramento, CA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,143,066

1. A motion sensor device comprising:a motion sensor configured to detect motion of an object;
a wireless communications device coupled to the motion sensor, wherein the wireless communications device is configured to communicate with a user device over a wireless network to receive motion sensor settings; and
a controller coupled to the motion sensor and the wireless communications device, wherein the controller is further coupled to a 0-10V driver dimming wire, and wherein the controller is configured to:
receive information indicative of a first motion sensor setting from the wireless communications device, wherein the first motion sensor setting indicates a change to a light output level of a light source from a first light output level to a second light output level selected by a user via an application running on the user device;
receive a signal from the motion sensor indicating that motion of the object is detected;
generate a second signal to instruct the light source to operate at the second light output level based on the signal from the motion sensor and the first motion sensor setting; and
transmit the second signal to the light source via the 0-10V driver dimming wire to cause the light source to turn on at the second light output level.