US Patent No. 10,143,055


Patent No. 10,143,055
Issue Date November 27, 2018
Title Illuminating Device For Vehicles
Inventorship Emanuel Weber, Baden (AT)
Gerald Fritz, Warth (AT)
Assignee ZKW Group GmbH, Wieselburg (AT)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,143,055

1. An illuminating device for vehicles comprising:at least one LED branch (Z; Z1, Z2) with at least one LED (DL1. . . .DLn; DL11. . . DL1n, DL21. . . DL2n), and with a controlled LED power supply (1, 5);
a driver (3) which provides dimming signals (SDA, SDD; SDA1, SDA2; SDD1, SDD2) for the LEDs;and
an electronic switch (Ts; TS1, Ts; TS1, TS2) associated with the at least one LED branch (Z; Z1, Z2), the electronic switch being supplied with a PWM dimming signal (SDD; SDD1, SDD2),
wherein the at least one LED branch is bridged for the purpose of branching off a partial current (IN, IN1, IN2) from a controlled auxiliary circuit (N; N1, N2) having a current controller with an analog controller (2, TN; 21, TN1, 22, TN2) which is supplied with an analog dimming signal (SDA; SDA1, SDA2).