US Patent No. 10,143,041


Patent No. 10,143,041
Issue Date November 27, 2018
Title Wireless Access System And Control Method For Same
Inventorship Shinichi Hori, Tokyo (JP)
Tomoyuki Yamase, Tokyo (JP)
Assignee NEC CORPORATION, Minato-ku, Tokyo (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,143,041

1. A wireless access system comprising:a center unit; and
a remote unit that is placed in a location away from the center unit, converts a baseband signal generated at the center unit to a high-frequency signal, and emits the high-frequency signal through an antenna, wherein
the center unit comprises a digital baseband that generates the baseband signal, an oscillator that generates a clock signal, and a 1-bit modulator that converts the baseband signal to a 1-bit signal, based on the clock signal, and outputs the 1-bit signal, and
the remote unit comprises a local generation unit that extracts a clock signal from the 1-bit signal output from the center unit and generates a local signal by using the extracted clock signal as a reference signal, a filter that extracts a desired band component from the 1-bit signal, and an up-converter that converts an output signal of the filter to the high-frequency signal by using the local signal.