US Patent No. 10,125,956


Patent No. 10,125,956
Issue Date November 13, 2018
Title Radially Adjustable Landscape Light Fixture Mount
Inventorship Thomas E. Veloskey, San Marcos, CA (US)
Dillon J. Rak, San Diego, CA (US)
Michael A. Huelsman, Carlsbad, CA (US)
Assignee Hunter Industries, Inc., San Marcos, CA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,125,956

1. A radially adjustable landscape light fixture mount, comprising:a mounting plate comprising a plurality of teeth on an outer surface of the mounting plate, a female threaded portion configured to receive a male threaded portion of a light fixture, and an extended portion extending from a bottom side of the mounting plate; and
a mounting stake for positioning a light fixture in a landscape comprising;
a top portion having a recess configured for receiving the mounting plate, the mounting plate being separate and removable from the mounting stake;
a tab located on an inner portion of the recess, the tab engaging with the teeth of the mounting plate when the mounting plate is positioned within the recess, the tab configured to allow for incremental adjustment of a radial position of the mounting plate; and
a locking lever hingedly coupled to the top portion and having an open position and a closed position, the locking lever comprising;
a locking portion, wherein the locking portion engages with one or more teeth of the plurality of teeth to fix a radial position of the mounting plate when the mounting plate is positioned within the recess and the locking lever is in the closed position; and
a locking tab configured to selectively fix and un-fix the locking lever in the closed position;
wherein the light fixture mount is further configured such that inserting the mounting plate into the recess establishes a longitudinal and latitudinal position of the mounting plate relative to the mounting stake, the mounting plate being rotatable in place within the recess to provide incremental adjustment until the locking lever is fixed in the closed position, and wherein the mounting stake is configured to receive the extended portion of the mounting plate to provide axial stability to the mounting plate.