US Patent No. 10,120,294


Patent No. 10,120,294
Issue Date November 06, 2018
Title Lithography Apparatus And Article Manufacturing Method
Inventorship Takuro Tsujikawa, Utsunomiya (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,120,294

1. A lithography apparatus for forming a pattern on a substrate, the apparatus comprising:a stage configured to move while holding the substrate on which a mark is formed;
a scope configured to capture an image of the mark on the substrate, the scope including an image sensor having an image sensing region where a plurality of pixels are arranged in matrix, and an imaging optical system for adjusting magnification;
a processor configured to read data of an image of the mark formed in the image sensing region sequentially on a row basis and process the read data, and obtain a position of the mark formed on the substrate; and
a controller configured to position the substrate by moving the stage based on the position of the mark and form the pattern on the substrate,
wherein, for capturing an image of a first mark on a first substrate by the scope, the controller moves the stage holding the first substrate by a predetermined offset amount with respect to the image sensor so that, in the image sensing region, the image of the first mark is disposed closer to a row in the image sensing region, from which the processor starts reading the data, than an image of a second mark on a second substrate different from the first substrate when the scope has captured the image of the second mark,
wherein the predetermined offset amount is based on a position of the image of the second mark in the image sensing region formed for obtaining a position of the second mark on the second substrate, and
wherein the controller is configured to set the magnification to a first magnification for capturing the image of the first mark and the image of the second mark.