US Patent No. 10,118,227


Patent No. 10,118,227
Issue Date November 06, 2018
Title Machine Tool And Workpiece Flattening Method
Inventorship Takaaki Fujii, Yamanashi (JP)
Assignee FANUC CORPORATION, Yamanashi (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,118,227

1. A machine tool comprising:a table having a workpiece setting surface to which a workpiece is fixed;
a spindle equipped with a tool configured to perform flattening on the workpiece fixed to the table;
a workpiece flattening control unit configured to perform flattening on the workpiece using the tool in a manner that machining areas of the tool on a surface of the workpiece partially overlap one another;
at least one contact element arranged on the spindle at a position that faces the table;
a contact-element position storing unit configured to store multiple measured values that are obtained by performing measurement of a position of the contact element at least two times in a state where the spindle is set at at least one phase and the contact element is positioned at an identical point;
a spindle tilt angle calculating unit configured to calculate a tilt angle of the spindle with respect to an XY-plane for machining, based on the multiple measured values stored in the contact-element position storing unit; and,
a coordinate system rotation unit configured to rotate the XY-plane about at least one of X-axis and Y-axis, based on the tilt angle of the spindle calculated by the spindle tilt angle calculating unit,
wherein the workpiece flattening control unit machines a flat surface of the workpiece along the XY-plane rotated by the coordinate system rotation unit.