US Patent No. 10,117,370


Patent No. 10,117,370
Issue Date October 30, 2018
Title Method For Populating Circuit Boards By Equipment On A Populating Line
Inventorship Christian Royer, Ottobrunn (DE)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,117,370

1. A method for populating circuit boards on a populating line of a populating system, the method comprising:providing the populating system having the populating line, a plurality of shuttle tables, a control unit, a mixed integer program, fixed equipment, and variant equipment, wherein the populating line comprises at least one populating robot, and wherein the fixed equipment and the variant equipment comprise components sufficient to populate a setup family of circuit board types;
acquiring from production orders circuit board types having circuit boards assigned to each circuit board type to be populated on the populating line within a planning horizon;
assigning the circuit boards to the setup family by the control unit;
determining an assignment quality from the production orders, wherein each production order of the production orders comprises a set of circuit boards of the setup family;
optimizing the assignment of the circuit board types to the setup family by the mixed integer program until the assignment quality exceeds a predetermined assignment quality amount;
attaching the fixed equipment to the populating line by the plurality of shuttle tables for an entirety of the planning horizon, wherein the fixed equipment is configured to be implemented multiple times on the populating line;
temporarily attaching and removing the variant equipment from the populating line during the planning horizon; and
populating the circuit boards on the populating line with the components from the plurality of shuttle tables by the at least one populating robot based on the optimizing of the assignment of the circuit board types.