US Patent No. 10,117,341


Patent No. 10,117,341
Issue Date October 30, 2018
Title Controller And Manufacturing Method Thereof
Inventorship Takahiko Ogane, Kiryu (JP)
Fumiaki Koshio, Kiryu (JP)
Wataru Kusumoto, Kiryu (JP)
Masamichi Ishii, Kiryu (JP)
Yoshihisa Yamada, Kiryu (JP)
Iwao Tsurubuchi, Kiryu (JP)
Assignee Mitsuba Corporation, Gunma (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,117,341

1. A controller in which a plurality of terminals, an electronic component connected to the terminal, and a power device connected to the terminal and configured to supply power to a driven body and control driving of the driven body are embedded inside a resin main body, and a connector portion to which a connector extending from an external device is able to be fitted is integrally molded,wherein the resin main body comprises:
a primary molded portion integrated with the terminal using a resin, causing one end of the terminal to function as a connector terminal which protrudes into the connector portion, and configured to form a disposition portion of the electronic component and the power device; and
a secondary molded portion integrated with the electronic component, the power device, and the primary molded portion in a state in which the electronic component and the power device are disposed at the disposition portion, wherein the secondary molded portion is formed of a thermally conductive resin, and wherein a heat sink is integrally provided in the secondary molden portion, the power device and the heat sink are separetly disposed, and the power device and the heat sink are in contact with each other via thermally conductive resin.