US Patent No. 10,117,303


Patent No. 10,117,303
Issue Date October 30, 2018
Title Method And System For Controlling Functionality Of Lighting Devices From A Portable Electronic Device
Inventorship Brian M. Wilson, Syracuse, NY (US)
Joseph R. Casper, Syracuse, NY (US)
Christopher D. Nolan, Syracuse, NY (US)
Assignee Cooper Lighting, LLC, Cleveland, OH (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,117,303

1. A system for controlling one or more networked lighting devices, the system comprising:a gateway controller that is configured to be communicatively connected to a network of lighting devices, the gateway controller comprising:
a processor, and
a wireless communication interface that comprises a short-range or near-field antenna; and
a memory device containing programming instructions for a lighting system control application that is configured to cause the processor of the gateway controller to:
communicatively connect with a portable electronic device when the portable electronic device is in a proximate communication range of the gateway controller,
identify one or more scenes, each scene comprising a set of data corresponding to one or more optical characteristics of at least a first lighting device in the network of lighting devices,
transmit the one or more scenes to the portable electronic device,
receive, from the portable electronic device, a user selection of a scene from the one or more scenes,
identify a time duration for the selected scene,
identify a light operation request comprising the selected scene and the time duration,
confirm that the portable electronic device is authorized to initiate the light operation request, and
in response to confirming that the portable electronic device is authorized to initiate the light operation request, activate at least the first lighting device according to the selected scene and the time duration.