US Patent No. 10,117,211


Patent No. 10,117,211
Issue Date October 30, 2018
Title Communication Session Registration- And Subsidiary-request Processing
Inventorship Robert F. Piscopo, Jr., Bellevue, WA (US)
Assignee T-Mobile USA, Inc., Bellevue, WA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,117,211

1. User equipment (UE) comprising:a communications interface;
a processor; and
one or more components operated by the processor to perform operations comprising:
generating a registration request, wherein content of the registration request comprises:
registration information associated with the UE; and
data indicating a request type of a subsidiary request related to the UE;
transmitting the registration request via the communications interface; and
receiving an acknowledgement indicating both a status of the registration request and a status of the subsidiary request.