US Patent No. 10,117,210


Patent No. 10,117,210
Issue Date October 30, 2018
Title Apparatus And Method For Controlling Congestion Of Machine-type Communication In A Radio Access Network
Inventorship Masaru Mori, Yokohama (JP)
Assignee FUJITSU LIMITED, Kawasaki (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,117,210

1. A base station comprising:a memory configured to store an attach request for registering a radio device in a radio access network, the attach request being received from the radio device; and
a processor configured to:
form a wireless communication area in the radio access network,
receive a random access preamble from another radio device located in the wireless communication area,
in response to a detection of the random access preamble, initiate a random access procedure,
upon reception of a radio resource control (RRC) connection request from the radio device, initiate an RRC connection process, and
upon reception of the attach request from the radio device, transfer the attach request to a higher-level network node, wherein
when the radio device is a first machine-type communication (MTC) device configured to provide an MTC service, the processor is configured to, upon reception of the attach request from the MTC device, transfer the received attach request to the higher-level network node while storing the received attach request in the memory, and the random access procedure includes:
when the another radio device is a second MTC device and upon reception of the random access preamble from the second MTC device providing a same MTC service as the first MTC device that previously transmitted the attach request to the base station, transmitting the attach request stored in the memory to the higher-level network node on behalf of the second MTC device without waiting for reception of a second attach request from the second radio device.