US Patent No. 10,110,474


Patent No. 10,110,474
Issue Date October 23, 2018
Title Updating Interface List Of Multi-link Group
Inventorship Feng Zhu, San Jose, CA (US)
Di Wang, Monte Sereno, CA (US)
Simon Francis Capper, San Jose, CA (US)
Kartik Chandran, Los Altos, CA (US)
Sriram Chidambaram, Sunnyvale, CA (US)
Hemanth Murthy, San Jose, CA (US)
Assignee Arista Networks, Inc., Santa Clara, CA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,110,474

9. A method to update an interface list of a multi-link group of a network element, the method comprising:receiving an indication that the interface list for the multi-link group on a network element is to change, wherein:
the interface list includes a first set of interfaces;
the network element includes an address table having a plurality of address entries;
each of the plurality of address entries includes an address, a multi-link nexthop, and a tag group reference;
the tag group reference indicates a tag group entry in a tag group table; and
the tag group entry includes a tag group identifier and a tag group set of interfaces;
receiving a second set of interfaces;
updating the interface list for the tag group entry to include the second set of interfaces; and
transmitting data with the multi-link group using the second set of interfaces.