US Patent No. 10,094,065


Patent No. 10,094,065
Issue Date October 09, 2018
Title Washer Dryer And Method For Controlling The Same
Inventorship Do Haeng Kim, Suwon-si (KR)
Geun Kang, Hwaseong-si (KR)
Hyung Sub Lim, Suwon-si (KR)
Assignee SAMSUNG ELECTRONIC CO., LTD., Suwon-si (KR)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,094,065

1. A washer dryer comprising:a cabinet;
a tub installed in the cabinet;
a drum installed in the tub in a rotatable form;
a dryer configured to heat and circulate air along an air flow circulation path into and out of the tub; and
a cooler configured to cool down air outside the tub in the cabinet and outside the air flow circulation path to control a temperature rise of the dryer,
wherein the dryer comprises:
a heater and blower fan to produce hot air;
a drying duct to guide the hot air into the drum; and
a fluid path to circulate air exhausted from the tub to the drying duct.