US Patent No. 10,093,235


Patent No. 10,093,235
Issue Date October 09, 2018
Title Automotive Side View Mirror Attachment Structure
Inventorship Craig Pearson, Northville, MI (US)
Robert Anthony Brancaleone, Farmington Hills, MI (US)
Assignee Ford Global Technologies LLC, Dearborn, MI (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,093,235

1. A mirror-mounting system for a vehicle door, comprising:a mirror-mounting reinforcement member including a first portion laterally spaced-apart from a second portion, wherein the first portion defines a primary loading surface, and further wherein the mirror-mounting reinforcement member is substantially disposed in an interior of the vehicle door in assembly;
a connecting member connecting the first portion and second portion, wherein the connecting member defines a secondary loading surface; and
a mirror assembly having a base portion operably coupled to the primary loading surface and wedgingly engaged with the secondary loading surface.