US Patent No. 10,091,907


Patent No. 10,091,907
Issue Date October 02, 2018
Title Electronic Assembly
Inventorship Chien-Ming Su, Taipei (TW)
Chang-Yuan Wu, Taipei (TW)
I-Feng Hsu, Taipei (TW)
Jen-Chang Chen, Taipei (TW)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,091,907

1. An electronic assembly, comprising:a machine body, comprising:
a casing, having a first hole and a second hole;
a heat transfer plate, disposed in the casing and thermally coupled to a heat generating component; and
a heat dissipation fin set, disposed in the casing and thermally coupled to the heat transfer plate, wherein the heat dissipation fin set comprises a plurality of heat dissipation fins arranged in parallel, at least one of the heat dissipation fins comprises a body portion and a diversion portion extending from the body portion, and the diversion portion is aligned with the first hole and the second hole; and
a docking station, comprising:
a body, having a third hole; and
a fan, disposed in the body, wherein when the machine body and the docking station are assembled, the third hole is aligned to the first hole, an air flow generated by the fan during operation flows out of the body via the third hole and flows into the casing via the first hole, and the air flow is divided into a first flow flowing away from the second hole and a second flow flowing toward the second hole by the diversion portion.