US Patent No. 10,091,905


Patent No. 10,091,905
Issue Date October 02, 2018
Title Dual-action Storage Media Chassis Structure And System
Inventorship Aleksandr Alekseevich Konovalov, Krasnogorsk (RU)
Pavel Gennadievich Melnikov, Moscow (RU)
Igor Urevich Znamenskii, Drozhzhino (RU)
Ivan Vladimirovich Prostov, Moscow (RU)
Andrey Olegovich Korolenko, Moscow (RU)
Andrey Alekseevitch Blokhin, Moscow (RU)
Assignee YANDEX EUROPE AG, Lucerne (CH)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,091,905

1. A dual-action storage media chassis structure, comprising: a chassis including: a partition corridor defined by two inner slide walls longitudinally extending in the chassis; two storage spaces and two chain storage spaces symmetrically disposed on both sides of the partition corridor, respectively; and a central back storage space located between the chain storage spaces for accommodating a third-type of electronic component having a third operating temperature; two storage media modules accommodated respectively in the two storage spaces, each storage media module including: a tray frame, each tray frame including a top access opening, each tray frame for accommodating a second-type of electronic component having a second operating temperature in a back portion of the tray frame and for accommodating a first-type of electronic component having a first operating temperature in a front portion of the tray frame; and an extension having guiding structures extended along a side opposite to the corresponding inner side wall and connected to a chain structure formed by hollow passages; a cable is connected to the third type of electronic component through the guiding structures and the hollow passages and received in the chain storage space; two dual-action slide assemblies, each dual-action slide assembly including: o a corresponding one of the two inner slide walls and a respective inner slide panel longitudinally extending in the chassis and attached to the respective tray frame, the corresponding one of the two inner slide walls adapted for slideably receiving the respective inner slide panel; each dual-action slide assembly for longitudinally and slideably moving the respective tray frame between a received position, a first withdrawn position and a second withdrawn position; the front portion of a given tray frame, the back portion of the given tray frame and the central back storage space being disposed longitudinally sequentially in the dual-action storage media chassis structure from the front end thereof to a back end thereof, such that the second operating temperature is superior to the first operating temperature, and the third operating temperature is superior to the second operating temperature.