US Patent No. 10,091,901


Patent No. 10,091,901
Issue Date October 02, 2018
Title Air Shelter For Electrical Equipment
Inventorship Shinsuke Maeshiba, Fukuoka (JP)
Assignee SHOWA KIKI KOGYO. CO. LTD., Fukuoka (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,091,901

1. An air shelter to protect electrical equipment at time of flooding by rain, flood or tsunami, the air shelter comprising: a base frame, a base, a cover body arranged at a periphery of the equipment to prevent submergence of the equipment, an electrical cable that supplies power to the equipment, and a conduit tube that protects the electrical cable; whereinthe cover body has a roof portion, a side surface portion, and a bottom surface portion, and includes an opening on at least a part or all of the bottom surface portion or on the side surface at a location farther from the roof portion than the equipment, the cover body being a sealed structure such that fluid can enter the cover body only through the opening of the bottom surface or the side surface;
the electrical cable is passed through a vicinity of a lower end of the side surface portion or the bottom surface portion of the cover body from the equipment and connected to a power source; and
the conduit tube includes a fluid admitter to allow fluid to enter the conduit tube to prevent air from leaking out of the air shelter when air pressure inside the air shelter is different than air pressure outside the air shelter, the fluid admitter comprising at least one of a terminating end of the conduit tube, a discontinuous portion of the conduit tube, or a portion of the conduit tube having permeability on a lower side of the air shelter than a position where the equipment is arranged in the inside or the lower side of the cover body.