US Patent No. 10,091,881


Patent No. 10,091,881
Issue Date October 02, 2018
Title Connection Structure Between Optical Device And Circuit Substrate, And Optical Transmission Apparatus Using The Same
Inventorship Toshio Kataoka, Tokyo (JP)
Kei Katou, Tokyo (JP)
Assignee SUMITOMO OSAKA CEMENT CO., LTD., Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,091,881

1. A connection structure between an optical device and a circuit substrate, wherein the optical device includes a flexible printed circuit including a conductive pattern to which an electrode configured to input a radio-frequency signal to the optical device is connected, in the flexible printed circuit, connection pads, which are connected to a conductor pattern on the circuit substrate, are arranged at one edge, the connection pads include at least one ground pad, and at least two signal pads between which the ground pad is interposed from its both sides, and at least one concave portion including an opening formed in the one edge is provided at a portion, at which the ground pad is formed, in the one edge of the flexible printed circuit, and in the circuit substrate, the conductor pattern, to which the ground pad is connected, on a surface of the circuit substrate, is provided with a columnar member that extends from the conductor pattern to an upper side of a substrate surface of the circuit substrate and is formed from a metal, the conductor pattern and the connection pads are fixed to each other with solder in a state in which the columnar member is fitted into the concave portion, and solder, which gradually rises from a ground pattern to a lateral surface of the columnar member, is formed between the columnar member and the ground pattern that is formed in the flexible printed circuit.