US Patent No. 10,076,051


Patent No. 10,076,051
Issue Date September 11, 2018
Title Structure For Fixing Printed Board In Electronic Device Unit
Inventorship Yuuichi Honda, Minamitsuru-gun (JP)
Kazuyuki Sasaki, Minamitsuru-gun (JP)
Hitoshi Watanabe, Minamitsuru-gun (JP)
Assignee FANUC Corporation, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,076,051

1. A structure for fixing a printed board in an electronic device unit, whereinthe electronic device unit includes:
a printed board housing body;
a printed board; and
a front face panel to which the printed board is fixed,
the front face panel includes:
hooks on which first recessed parts or first protruding parts are provided at the tip of each of the hooks; and
knobs for disengaging the hooks,
wherein the printed board housing body includes engagement parts that engage with the hooks when the front face panel to which the printed board is fixed is attached thereto, each of the engagement parts being provided with a second protruding part to be fitted into the first recessed part or a second recessed part into which the first protruding part is fitted, wherein
the printed board housing body and the front face panel are configured so that pinching the knobs for removing the front face panel from the printed board housing body directly moves only the hooks and a top part of the knob, thereby causing the hooks to turn in a direction such that engagement between the hooks and the engagement parts and fitting between the first recessed parts and the second protruding part or between the first protruding parts and the second recessed parts are released.