US Patent No. 10,070,565


Patent No. 10,070,565
Issue Date September 04, 2018
Title Electric Power Converter
Inventorship Yukinori Mizuno, Kariya (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,070,565

1. An electric power converter comprising:a laminated body formed by laminating a plurality of semiconductor modules having built-in semiconductor elements and a plurality of cooling pipes for cooling the semiconductor modules disposed alternately;
a capacitor connected to the plurality of semiconductor modules, the capacitor being disposed at a position adjacent to the laminated body in a laminating direction of the laminated body, the capacitor having:
capacitor elements; and
a sealing member;
a pressing member that presses the laminated body in the laminating direction; and
a metal case that houses the laminated body, the capacitor, and the pressing member, the metal case having:
outer walls that form an outer shell, one of the outer walls being a supporting outer wall disposed in a position farther from the laminated body than the capacitor is in the laminating direction, the sealing member being in contact with the supporting outer wall;
partition walls formed in the metal case that are connected to the outer walls;
a space within the metal case that is partitioned by the partition walls into a capacitor housing space for housing the capacitor and a laminated body housing space for housing the laminated body, the capacitor housing space housing the capacitor elements, and the sealing member filling the capacitor housing space for sealing the capacitor elements; and
an interposing partition wall to which the pressing member applies pressing force, the interposing partition wall interposing between the laminated body and the capacitor among the partition walls in a thickness direction of the interposing partition wall, a thickness of the interposing partition wall being thinner than that of any of the outer walls.