US Patent No. 10,070,564


Patent No. 10,070,564
Issue Date September 04, 2018
Title Electric Power Converter
Inventorship Kazuya Takeuchi, Kariya (JP)
Tetsuya Matsuoka, Kariya (JP)
Ryota Tanabe, Kariya (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,070,564

1. An electric power converter that performs power conversion comprising:a plurality of semiconductor modules with built-in semiconductor elements;
a plurality of cooling tubes stacked together with the plurality of semiconductor modules in a stacking direction; and
a metallic pressure member;
wherein the metallic pressure member includes:
a pressing surface that presses an outer cooling tube positioned at one of outer sides in the stacking direction among the plurality of cooling tubes in order to press-contact the plurality of cooling tubes and the plurality of semiconductor modules in the stacking direction; and
a heat-receiving surface that receives heat generated from an electronic component which is different from the plurality of semiconductor modules, by thermal conduction, and
wherein the heat-receiving surface of the pressure member superimposes a heat dissipating portion of the electronic component via an electrically insulating layer formed of an electrically insulating material.