US Patent No. 10,070,558


Patent No. 10,070,558
Issue Date September 04, 2018
Title Immersion Cooled Electronic Assemblies
Inventorship Kris H. Campbell, Poplar Grove, IL (US)
Charles Shepard, DeKalb, IL (US)
Shin Katsumata, Rockford, IL (US)
Assignee Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation, Charlotte, NC (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,070,558

16. An immersion cooled electronics arrangement, comprising:a sealed housing with an interior;
a coolant contained within the interior of the sealed housing;
a variable-volume chamber disposed within the sealed housing and submerged within the coolant, wherein the variable-volume chamber is fluidly isolated from the interior of the sealed housing;
a vent fluidly coupling the variable-volume chamber with the environment external to the sealed housing; and
an electronic device disposed within the sealed housing and in thermal communication with the coolant,
wherein a volume of the sealed housing being alterable between at least a first volume and a second volume in response to changes in pressure within the sealed chamber to reduce the rate of pressure change over time in the sealed housing from heating of the coolant.