US Patent No. 10,070,551


Patent No. 10,070,551
Issue Date September 04, 2018
Title Housing Module And Electronic Device With Circuit Board Quick-assembling Function
Inventorship Zhi Ming Guo, New Taipei (TW)
Chen-Yu Li, New Taipei (TW)
Jun Hao Wang, New Taipei (TW)
Chong-Xing Zhu, New Taipei (TW)
Assignee Wistron Corporation, New Taipei (TW)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,070,551

1. A housing module having a circuit board quick-assembling function and capable of being applied to a circuit board with a specific height, the housing module comprising:a housing, comprising a substrate and a plurality of lateral boards, the plurality of lateral boards being respectively connected to edges of the substrate to form an accommodating space, the housing module further comprising a plurality of spacers each having:
a main body;
two pivoting portions respectively disposed on corresponding lateral sides of the main body;
a locking portion stretching from a bottom side of the main body;
a track structure disposed on the main body for guiding a detachable module; and
two pivoting components respectively passing through the plurality of lateral boards and connected to the corresponding pivoting portions, the main body being rotated within the accommodating space via the two pivoting portions while the circuit board slides relative to the substrate to push the plurality of spacers, so as to lift the bottom side away from the substrate.