US Patent No. 10,070,546


Patent No. 10,070,546
Issue Date September 04, 2018
Title Bendable Display Apparatus And Supporting Device
Inventorship An-Szu Hsu, New Taipei (TW)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,070,546

8. A supporting device, comprising:a hinge module, including:
a plurality of pivots parallel to each other and arranged in a row, wherein two spiral tracks are respectively recessed on two opposite portions of the pivots; and
a plurality of torsion units sleeved on the pivots, wherein two positioning portions are respectively arranged on two opposite portions of the torsion units; and
two buffering modules respectively arranged at two opposite sides of the row of the pivots and respectively fixed on the two positioning portions, the two buffering modules respectively corresponding in position to the two spiral tracks, each of the two buffering modules including:
an internal connecting member fixed on the corresponding positioning portion;
an external connecting member slidably disposed on the internal connecting member;
a transmitting shaft having a gearing portion and a fixing portion, wherein the gearing portion is pivotally connected to the internal connecting member, and the fixing portion is connected to the external connecting member; and
a driving member having a rack gear and a guiding portion, wherein the rack gear is engaged with the gearing portion, and the guiding portion is arranged in the corresponding spiral track;
wherein the hinge module is bendable between an unfolded position and an outwardly folded position along at least one of the pivots; when the hinge module is at the unfolded position, the supporting device is a flat structure; when the hinge module is at the outwardly folded position, the supporting device is a curved structure; in each of the buffering modules, when the hinge module is bent from the unfolded position to the outwardly folded position, the guiding portion is moved by the corresponding spiral track to cause that the rack gear rotates the gearing portion of the transmitting member, and the fixing portion of the transmitting member drives the external connecting member to slide relative to the internal connecting member toward the row of the pivots.