US Patent No. 10,065,921


Patent No. 10,065,921
Issue Date September 04, 2018
Title Process For Producing Long Chain Amino Acids And Dibasic Acids
Inventorship Songzhou Hu, Princeton, NJ (US)
Assignee VITAWORKS IP, LLC, North Brunswick, NJ (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,065,921

1. A process for producing long chain dibasic acid of formula (V) and long chain amino acid of formula (VI), comprising:(1) reacting a keto fatty acid (II) of the formula:

in the presence or absence of a solvent with an aqueous solution of hydroxylamine salt or subjecting a keto fatty acid (II) to an ammoximation reaction to produce an oxime fatty acid (III) of the formula:

wherein m is an integer from 0 to 10; n is an integer from 6 to 20;
(2) subjecting the oxime fatty acid (III) to the Beckmann rearrangement to yield a mixture of the amide fatty acid (IVa) and (IVb)

(3) hydrolyzing the mixed amide fatty acids with an acid or a basic agent to a mixture of a long chain dibasic acid (V), a long chain amino acid (VI), a short chain alkylamine (VIII), and an alkanoic acid (VIII)
and(4) separating the long chain amino acid (VI), long chain dibasic acid (V), and alkanoic acid (VIII) by a step-wise neutralization or acidification.