US Patent No. 10,052,365


Patent No. 10,052,365
Issue Date August 21, 2018
Title Methods And Products Relating To Gsk3? Regulation
Inventorship Mercedes Rincon, Burlington, VT (US)
Tina M. Thornton, Essex Junction, VT (US)
Assignee University of Vermont and State Agricultural College, Burlington, VT (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,052,365

1. A method of reducing activity of GSK3? in a cell, the method comprising:contacting a cell with a composition comprising an isolated GSK3? polypeptide and a carrier, wherein the polypeptide is a full-length GSK3? protein or a fragment of a full-length GSK3? protein and comprises a phosphorylated residue that corresponds to residue Thr390 in a full-length, wild-type, human GSK3? amino acid sequence, or corresponds to residue Ser389 in a full-length, wild-type, mouse GSK3? amino acid sequence, wherein the contacting results in the isolated GSK3? polypeptide in the cell and reduces GSK3? activity in the cell.