US Patent No. 10,050,382


Patent No. 10,050,382
Issue Date August 14, 2018
Title Crimp-to-wire Electrical Connector Assembly
Inventorship Gert Julien Droesbeke, Chartres (FR)
Aymeric Soudy, Besancon (FR)
Assignee FCI USA LLC, Etters, PA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,050,382

1. An apparatus, comprising:a first connector configured to be mated to a second connector, and a CPA configured to be movably positioned within the first connector, the first connector comprising a latch for connecting the first connector and the second connector, the latch being continuously biased into a position to lock the first connector to the second connector,
wherein the CPA is further configured to maintain the engagement between the first and second connectors when the CPA is moved into a first position, the CPA comprising a contact member having a center arm and two side arms extending from the contact member, each of the two side arms further comprising a peripheral arm extending outward from the side arm, each of the respective peripheral arms comprising a protrusion on a distal end thereof, each respective protrusion comprising an inward-facing dimple and an outward-facing hook opposite the inward-facing dimple, and each of the respective two side arms being connected to one another by a cross beam.