US Patent No. 10,036,631


Patent No. 10,036,631
Issue Date July 31, 2018
Title System And Method For Measuring Three-dimensional Surface Features
Inventorship Yaxiong Huang, Austin, TX (US)
Assignee Texas Department of Transportation, Austin, TX (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,036,631

1. A method for measuring surface features, comprising:projecting a pattern of light on a surface of an object using a pattern projector of a system;
recording at least one image of the projected pattern of light using at least one digital imaging device of the system;
converting projected patterns of light recorded on at least one of the images to three-dimensional data points representing a surface geometry of the object using an image processing device of the system which uses relative positions and relative angles between the at least one imaging device and the pattern projector; and
calibrating the system, comprising:
measuring the pattern of light projected on a set of plates comprising known dimensions;
generating an array of data which represents positions of the pattern of light in the at least one recorded image corresponding to a given surface height for the set of plates, wherein the set of plates comprises at least one physical dimension which is different among the set of plates;
interpolating additional arrays to produce a calibration table;
measuring two or more dimensions of at least one of the set of plates; and
comparing the two or more measured dimensions to the calibration table in order to reduce measurement errors acquired by the system.