US Patent No. 10,034,588


Patent No. 10,034,588
Issue Date July 31, 2018
Title Brushroll For Vacuum Cleaner
Inventorship Gary A. Kasper, Grand Rapids, MI (US)
Michael D. Graham, Lake Odessa, MI (US)
Assignee BISSELL Homecare, Inc., Grand Rapids, MI (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,034,588

1. A brushroll for a vacuum cleaner, comprising:an injection-molded brush dowel having a central rotational axis defining an origin for a first axis extending through the dowel and a second axis extending through the dowel perpendicularly to the first axis to conceptually divide the dowel into quadrants;
two bristle stiffeners integrally molded with the dowel and lying in opposing quadrants, each having a parting line which is radially spaced from and non-parallel to the rotational axis; and
a plurality of stiffened bristles protruding from the brush dowel adjacent to the bristle stiffeners;
wherein the first axis defines a line of draw for a two-piece mold forming the brush dowel and bristle stiffeners.