US Patent No. 10,034,466


Patent No. 10,034,466
Issue Date July 31, 2018
Title Fishing Line Casting Device
Inventorship Hamid Essafi, Pierrefonds (CA)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,034,466

1. A device for assisting casting and retrieval of a fishing line to which is attached a terminal tackle, the device being usable with a fishing rod including a fishing reel for stowing the fishing line, the fishing reel being selectively operable between a free spool mode wherein the fishing line can be cast and a line retrieving mode wherein the fishing line can be pulled and stowed in the fishing reel, the device being usable with a power source, the device comprising:a body, the body including a guide ramp, the guide ramp having a substantially elongated configuration and defining substantially longitudinally opposed guide ramp proximal and distal ends;
a mount for mounting the body to the fishing rod;
a carriage mounted to the ramp and movable longitudinally therealong, the carriage defining a tackle receiving portion for receiving the terminal tackle;
a carriage biasing element operatively coupled to the carriage and to the guide ramp for biasing the carriage towards the guide ramp distal end;
a power drive connectable to the power source to receive power therefrom, the power drive being operable between an unpowered mode wherein the power drive is static and a carriage pulling mode wherein the power drive is powered;
a carriage pulling mechanism provided between the power drive and the carriage and operative for moving the carriage towards the ramp proximal end when the power drive is in the carriage pulling mode;
a release mechanism selectively movable between engaged and disengaged configurations, wherein the release mechanism is operatively coupled to the carriage pulling mechanism and to the carriage so that when the release mechanism is in the engaged configuration, the carriage pulling mechanism is operable by the power drive to move the carriage, and, when the release mechanism is in the disengaged configuration, the carriage and carriage pulling mechanism are disengaged from each other to allow movements of the carriage along the guide ramp independently of the carriage pulling mechanism; and
a controller operatively coupled to the power drive to selectively change the power drive to one of the unpowered and carriage pulling modes.