US Patent No. 10,034,461


Patent No. 10,034,461
Issue Date July 31, 2018
Title Systems And Methods Of Intensive Recirculating Aquaculture
Inventorship Thue Holm, Vejle (DK)
Johan E. Andreassen, Miami, FL (US)
Assignee Atlantic Sapphire IP, L.L.C., Miami, FL (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,034,461

1. A recirculating aquaculture system, comprising:water sourced from a first segment of a saline aquifer;
a recirculating aquaculture system receiving the sourced water and producing discharge water; and
a water discharge apparatus that disposes of the discharge water into a second segment of the saline aquifer, the second segment of the saline aquifer being a predetermined distance below the first segment;
wherein the saline aquifer is a Floridan aquifer and the first segment of the saline aquifer having water comprising at least five parts per liter or more comprises any of a lower confining unit segment (LC) or a lower Floridan producing zone one segment (LF1), and the second segment comprises a boulder zone (BZ) segment of the Floridan aquifer; and
wherein at a maximum feeding schedule, approximately 20 percent or less of total water volume of the sourced water in the recirculating aquaculture system is exchanged with new water sourced from the saline aquifer, on a daily basis.