US Patent No. 10,025,049


Patent No. 10,025,049
Issue Date July 17, 2018
Title Optoelectrical Connector Module
Inventorship Alexander Eichler-Neumann, Berlin (DE)
Michael Richter, Besancon (FR)
Assignee FCI USA LLC, Etters, PA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,025,049

1. An optoelectrical connector module, comprising:a flexible circuit board having a first region and a second region,
a printed circuit board (PCB) that is attached to the first region of the flexible circuit board,
a photoelectric device that transforms electrical signals to light signals and/or transforms light signals into electrical signals, wherein the photoelectric device is attached to the second region of the flexible circuit board and
a rigid support structure having a first and a second surface, wherein the first surface is arranged parallel to the plane of the printed circuit board (PCB) and the second surface is connected to the flexible circuit board opposite the second region of the flexible circuit board, wherein the first and second surfaces of the rigid support structure enclose an angle that is between 5° and 85°.