US Patent No. 10,015,913


Patent No. 10,015,913
Issue Date July 03, 2018
Title Power Converter And Cooler
Inventorship Kimihisa Kaneko, Yokohama (JP)
Misato Shibata, Hino (JP)
Yoshihisa Uehara, Hino (JP)
Assignee FUJI ELECTRIC CO., LTD., Kawasaki-Shi, Kanagawa (JP)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,015,913

1. A power converter, comprising:a heat generating element; and
a cooler that includes
a heat receiving plate,
a plurality of cooling fins, and a baffle plate, wherein
the heat generating element and the plurality of cooling fins are respectively mounted on two different surfaces of the heat receiving plate,
each cooling fin is a plate of a rectangular shape, and the plurality of cooling fins are arranged in parallel to one another, surfaces of any adjacent two of the cooling fins forming a space therebetween that defines a course for cooling air to flow therethrough, and
the baffle plate is provided across the plurality of cooling fins, and has a substantially rectangular surface in a plane perpendicular to a direction of the courses, the substantially rectangular surface including a top portion that is within the spaces formed by the cooling fins, and a bottom portion that is in an atmosphere outside the cooling fins and the spaces.