US Patent No. 10,015,906


Patent No. 10,015,906
Issue Date July 03, 2018
Title Geo-thermal Inverter Cooling System
Inventorship Cristofer D. Somerville, Cooperstown, ND (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,015,906

1. A geo-thermal inverter cooling system comprising:an inverter assembly including a housing and conversion electronic components for converting electrical energy to electrical power and which heat up during use, wherein the inverter assembly also includes a cement slab disposed upon the surface of the ground with a hole disposed therethrough, wherein the housing has a bottom wall elevated above the cement slab and having first and second openings disposed therethrough; and
a cooling assembly including a fluid reservoir in communication with the housing, and a pump in communication with the fluid reservoir for pumping fluid to cool the electronic components, wherein the fluid reservoir has a reservoir outlet port and reservoir inlet ports, wherein the cooling assembly also includes a conduit assembly in communication with the fluid reservoir and the pump for transporting fluid, wherein the conduit assembly includes a reservoir outlet conduit interconnecting the fluid reservoir with the pump, and also includes a pump outlet conduit in communication with the pump, and further includes a valve in communication with the pump outlet conduit, wherein the conduit assembly further includes a ground loop conduit having an inlet end and an outlet end and disposed in a ground at a predetermined depth with the valve connected to the inlet end of the ground loop conduit, whereupon the ground has a temperature colder than that of the fluid passing through the ground loop conduit and the fluid passing through the ground loop conduit from the pump is cooled, wherein the conduit assembly also includes a loop outlet conduit connected to the outlet end of the ground loop conduit, and further includes a manifold conduit connected to the loop outlet conduit and to the valve and having outlet ports, wherein the ground loop conduit includes first and second end portions which are disposed generally parallel to one another and also includes an arcuate intermediate portion which is generally U-shaped and forms a bottom of the ground loop conduit.