US Patent No. 10,015,899


Patent No. 10,015,899
Issue Date July 03, 2018
Title Terminal Block With Sealed Interconnect System
Inventorship George Charles Hausler, Maple Grove, MN (US)
Steven John McCoy, Eden Prairie, MN (US)
Christopher Lee Eriksen, St. Paul, MN (US)
Jeffrey Alan Cota, Rosemount, MN (US)
Assignee Rosemount Inc., Shakopee, MN (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,015,899

1. A process variable transmitter for use in an industrial process, comprising:a housing having a cavity formed therein, the housing including a barrier which divides the cavity into first and second cavities;
measurement circuitry in the first cavity configured to measure a process variable of the industrial process; and
a terminal block assembly in the second cavity, the terminal block assembly forming a seal with the housing thereby forming a third cavity between the barrier and a circuit board of the terminal block assembly, the terminal block assembly including a shroud member arranged to define the third cavity, wherein the third cavity formed between the barrier and the circuit board forms a compartment sealed from exposure to an environment in the second cavity.