US Patent No. 10,015,894


Patent No. 10,015,894
Issue Date July 03, 2018
Title Communications Interface System For Landscape Control Systems
Inventorship Thomas E. Veloskey, San Marcos, CA (US)
Assignee HUNTER INDUSTRIES, INC., San Marcos, CA (US)

Claim of US Patent No. 10,015,894

1. A facepack for a landscaping control unit comprising:a housing having a first end, a second end, an interior, and a plurality of sides between the first end and the second end;
an electronic display on a front panel; and
at least one hinge pin having a first end and a second end and positioned at least partially within the interior of the facepack, the at least one hinge pin capable of transitioning between an extended position and a retracted position, the at least one hinge pin having a mating tip on the first end, the mating tip having a polygonal cross-section and extending out from the interior of the facepack when the at least one hinge pin is in the extended position, the mating tip configured to deflect into the interior of the facepack upon application of a force upon the mating tip toward the interior of the facepack.