US Pat. No. 9,544,975



1. An addressable controller for installation in a building comprising an electrical power distribution wiring, a room, a
device box in the room, a light fixture comprising a lighting element positioned for illuminating the room and at least one
addressable space sensing sensor remote from said addressable controller and comprising a sensor communications stack and
a sensor powerline modem for transmitting sensed data using the electrical distribution wiring, the controller comprising:
a housing dimensioned to fit in the device box;
a microprocessor powerable by the electrical distribution wiring;
a controller communications stack;
a controller powerline modem,
a memory;
microprocessor-executable instructions stored in said memory; and
a relay for controlling delivery of electricity to the light fixture;
wherein the sensed data is received from the at least one addressable space sensing sensor via said controller communications
stack, said controller powerline modem and the electrical distribution wiring, said microprocessor energizing and de-energizing
said relay in accordance with the sensed data and said computer-executable instructions in order to one of illuminate and
extinguish the lighting element.