US Pat. No. 10,215,339



1. A method for discharging liquid containers, comprising the steps of:providing a mobile device comprising:
a closeable compartment provided with:
at least one closable opening which allows said container to be placed in the compartment, and
an unloading installation provided in the inner space of the device, coupleable with the container, suitable for removing the liquid from the container; wherein the unloading installation comprises a pump configured to extract liquid from the container via top unloading and to move it outside of the mobile device, and a column comprising activated carbon as an absorbent material provided for removing vapors which are released as a result of the discharging of the liquid and wherein the column comprising activated carbon an absorbent material is connectable to the container in a manner such that top liquid vapors are captured by the activated carbon,
providing a liquid-filled container in the compartment of the device,
coupling the container to the unloading installation and arranging the pump in the container along the top opening of the container,
extracting liquid from the container and moving it outside of the device, and
continuously removing liquid vapors by absorbing the liquid vapors in the absorbable material until discharging of the liquid in the liquid container is complete, and
hoisting the container with a crane installed in the mobile device.