US Pat. No. 10,035,203


Ulrich Bruhnke, Ehningen...

1. A method for separating and shaping hollow sections which are formed as twin wall panels or -sections to produce a prescribed geometrical component shape following an extrusion process, characterized in thatthe separating of hollow sections to produce a prescribed geometrical component shape is realized through a punching operation,
wherein during the punching operation
a front punching edge (8) of a punching die (7) first separates a top face (2) of the hollow section between two webs (5) and
a rear punching edge (9) of the punching die (7) bends the top face (2) to close off individual cavities (4) and
wherein during a descent of the punching die (7) a bottom face (3) is separated by the rear punching edge (9) and then
the webs (5) are separated by cutting edges (11) which are arranged in gaps (10) of the punching die (7).

US Pat. No. 9,849,505


Ulrich Bruhnke, Ehningen...

1. A method for producing metal sheets from strand-shaped profiles having a low thickness made of magnesium or magnesium alloys,
an extruded tubular profile being produced and cut corresponding to the length of the metal sheet to be produced in a preceding
method step, the extruded tubular profile having a longitudinal opening along a peripheral surface line thereof, characterized
in that
in a first step, the longitudinal opening of the extruded tubular profile is pushed onto two displaceable angled gibs and
bent open to obtain a U-shaped profile by moving the angled gibs apart;
in a second step, the U-shaped profile is transferred into an unrolling unit, gripped by gripping elements on the longitudinal
sides of the U-shaped profile,

and shaped by outwardly moving the gripping elements to obtain a metal sheet; and
in a third step, the metal sheets are subjected to defined shaping by lateral stretch-forming,
wherein all steps of shaping the extruded profile to obtain the metal sheet take place in a temperature range above 200° C.

US Pat. No. 10,363,589


Ulrich Bruhnke, Ehningen...

1. A method for producing profiles from magnesium or magnesium alloy scraps obtained from stamping, cutting and/or machining operations, comprising:removing the scraps from a storage unit;
filling a round compression mold with the scraps;
compressing the scraps to obtain a round briquette having a density of greater than 60%;
heating the round briquette in a furnace to a temperature above 250° C.;
introducing the heated round briquette into an extruder and, under pressure, extruding the round briquette through a first die into an extrusion billet having a density of greater than 95%, wherein the round briquette is deflected one or several times under the action of a pressing force and formed into the extrusion billet;
cutting the extrusion billet;
homogenizing the extrusion billet at a temperature above 400° C. for a predetermined time period; and
extruding the extrusion billet through a second die into a profile.