US Pat. No. 10,512,172


Tyco Electronics (Donggua...

1. A pre-tin shaping system, comprising:a base securely holding a circuit board having a pre-tin layer;
a heat-press unit having a contact tip; and
a movable unit moving the heat-press unit relative to the base, the contact tip movable to shape the pre-tin layer to correspond to a shape of the contact tip, only the pre-tin layer is disposed between the circuit board and the contact tip when the contact tip shapes the pre-tin layer.

US Pat. No. 10,363,581


Tyco Electronics (Shangha...

1. An automatic distributor, comprising:a base;
a component storage device further comprising: a first support seat mounted on the base, a support tray having a substantially circular shape mounted on the first support seat configured to hold a plurality of components thereon receiving differing components thereon and a first motor mounted on the first support seat, the first motor configured to drive the support tray to rotate;
a component recognition device which generates a recognition result;
a controller to receive the recognition result and analyze the recognition result; and
a pickup device controlled by the controller to pick up the components based on the recognition result analysis of the controller.

US Pat. No. 10,350,717


TE Connectivity Corporati...

1. An electronic apparatus production system, comprising:a transmission rail in the form of a loop with an opening;
a plurality of storage trays circulating on the transmission rail, each of the storage trays comprising a plurality of holding portions to hold a plurality of components with different shapes;
an automatic distributor configured to mount the components with different shapes on the respective holding portions of the plurality of storage trays further comprising:
a base;
a storage device mounted on the base and configured to store the plurality of components;
a first transmission device configured to transmit the components onto the storage device the first transmission device further having:
a second support seat mounted on the base,
a conveyer belt assembly mounted on the second support seat and having a receiving end for receiving the components and a releasing end for releasing the components wherein an angle of a surface of the conveyer belt assembly with respect to a horizontal plane is adjustable in a lateral direction perpendicular to a transmitting direction of the conveyer belt, and
a second motor mounted on the second support seat and configured to drive a conveyer belt of the conveyer belt assembly,
a recognition device configured to recognize the components on the storage device;
a pickup device configured to pick up the components on the storage device and place the components on the respective holding portions of the storage tray according to a recognition result of the recognition device; and
an automatic assembler configured to grip the plurality of components on the plurality of storage trays.