US Pat. No. 10,363,082


TTUMED LLC, Minneapolis,...

1. An electrosurgical apparatus for removal of tissue from a patient, the electrosurgical apparatus comprising: an electrosurgical generator; an electrode assembly; a cable having a proximal end connected to the electrosurgical generator and a distal end connected to the electrode assembly; a user-apparatus interface in communication with the electrosurgical generator and the electrode assembly; the electrode assembly including: a first electrode having a proximal end and a distal end; a second electrode at least partially disposed proximate to the distal end of the first electrode; and a third electrode at least partially disposed proximate to the proximal end of the first electrode; the first electrode having a smaller surface area than the combined surface areas of the second electrode and third electrode; wherein the electrosurgical apparatus comprises a means configured such that the user-apparatus interface provides for operation of the electrode assembly in a first mode wherein the first electrode is configured as an active electrode for the removal of tissue and the second and third electrodes comprise a combined passive electrode, such that the tissue removal occurs primarily in proximity to the first electrode and the tissue removal occurs through vaporization by formation of a plasma.