US Pat. No. 10,659,590


TSB S.R.L., Fabriano (AN...

1. An electronic system for indirect intercommunication messaging, comprising:at least one central processing unit acting as a server, and one or more user terminals adapted to be bidirectionally connected to said central processing unit, wherein:
each one of said user terminals includes a processor and is configured to:
prepare and send to said central processing unit a request for contact with another one of said user terminals, said contact request comprising data relating to at least one interaction genre and to an identification of said other user terminal;
receive and display a contact request sent by said central processing unit and coming from another one of said user terminals;
said central processing unit includes a processor and is configured to:
receive and store said contact requests coming from each one of said user terminals;
compare said data contained in said contact requests;
send to a pair of said user terminals said contact requests with the other user terminal of the pair only if and when coincidence is verified between the interaction genre data of the contact requests and the user terminals have been mutually identified, so that said contact between said pair of user terminals can only be activated upon said coincidence verification,
wherein said at least one interaction genre is represented by data relating to predetermined SYMBOLS or COLORS representative of categories of interactions; and
wherein the interaction is one among a non-exclusive interaction, an exclusive interaction with no sentimental implications and an exclusive interaction with sentimental implications.