US Pat. No. 11,116,105



1. A liquid-cooling termination structure having temperature sensing function, disposed on a liquid-cooling system used for performing a heat dissipating operation to a heat source of equipment, and including:a water cooling head, disposed outside the heat source of equipment, having an adhering surface adhered to the heat source of equipment; and
a temperature sensing unit, including a sensing terminal, and a signal transferring cable extended from the sensing terminal, wherein the sensing terminal is combined with the water cooling head from the exterior of the water cooling head, and the signal transferring cable is connected to the equipment for obtaining the temperature of the heat source through the water cooling head;
wherein the water cooling head is further formed with a top surface arranged opposite to the adhering surface, and a lateral surface continuously surrounding peripheries of the adhering surface and the top surface, the top surface is formed with a screw hole, and the sensing terminal is screwed in the screw hole by utilizing a screw piece;
wherein the screw hole does not penetrate through the water cooling head;
wherein two ends of the screw piece are formed with a package hole and a screw rod,
the package hole allows the sensing terminal to be packaged therein, and the screw rod is screwed in the screw hole of the top surface; and
wherein the sensing terminal does not protrude out of a bottom surface of the screw rod.