US Pat. No. 10,251,242


Resilience Magnum IP, LLC...

1. A system, comprising:a light component of an enhanced light device, the light component configured to emit light to facilitate illumination of an area associated with the enhanced light device;
a memory that stores machine-executable components; and
a processor that executes the machine-executable components stored in the memory, wherein the machine-executable components comprise:
an information component of the enhanced light device, the information component configured to receive information relating to an environment, a device, or a user located in the environment, wherein at least a portion of the information comprises sensor data received from a sensor component; and
a light management component of the enhanced light device, the light management component configured to determine an environment context relating to the environment, a device context relating to the device, or a user context relating to the user, based at least in part on a result of analyzing a first subset of the information, comprising the sensor data, and determine a second subset of the information that relates to the environment or the device to present to the user based at least in part on the environment context, the device context, or the user context.